A state of being happy

Stay Sukhii

We proudly say that each member of the team at Sukhii is a Civil Engineer.
Why? You'd ask. Well, because who better understands the needs of a residential space than a Civil Engineer, right?

We go the extra mile to provide you with amenities that other developers don't. We believe that little details make an enormous impact.
Our passion for integrating these little details is what drives us to bring you simply extraordinary facilities.

Purpose Statement

To build a legacy of excellence with every Project, we deliver the happiness that will be remembered forever and beyond.

Vision Statement

To be the brand of choice for people that are looking to move into premium lifestyle communities.

Sukhii Group Sukhii Group


Building a Legacy

The pillars of our success yet, are based on our strong and mutual respect for our values. By delivering our projects on-time, we lay our foundation for unmatched quality. Not just that, with every Project, we rewrite a new slab for the degree consistency we provide. Over the years, we've always worked on our room to improve and build our clientele' respect.

We're confident to say that we deliver what we promise. And, we derive that from our Management. Having worked for several successful years with one of India's top builders, we have a pretty good head start at the game, and we'd like to keep pushing through.



Science in our work

As humans, we're programmed to participate in communities. The reason being, it gives us a sense of connection and faith with each other.

Basing our motto on the same, we've ventured into developing breathtaking premises designed to hold special moments. At Sukhii, we have worked on and completed multiple projects with incomparable success in the real estate world.

Not just a home but a neighbourhood.

We're well aware that a person's choice of a home reflects on the choice of surroundings. It has a significant impact on the well-being and quality of life, which is why we develop neighbourhoods that value all the characters of every social group. By doing so, we have created communities that take part in enriching each other's lives.

Pros of a Sukhii

Sukhii Group

• Secure to the power of N • Over 60% Open spaces • Sustainable homes • High-end amenities • Fostering togetherness • Sustainable homes • Safe for children • Nature-induced living • Improved lifestyle